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Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, the largest online charitable giving day of the year. In 2017, an estimated $274 million dollars was processed in online giving to nonprofit organizations.

Through the year, I examine NPO's online charitable giving portals and advise on best solutions. It's astonishing to me the number of organizations still relying on PayPal for this function, especially when the options for comprehensive nonprofit-specific CRMs are so incredible...and affordable!

The online giving experience, like the philanthropic experience, is different than a retail purchase. If you're in development, you know this. The decision to give is a completely different thought and emotion process than that to purchase a widget. Therefore, the tools we use to gather those donations, track the donors, and continue to maintain a relationship with them need to reflect the unique nature of these transactions.

I strongly encourage you to audit your online giving portal and select a vendor who caters specifically to the nonprofit community and whose product provides a holistic solution to the unique process of online charitable giving. Remember, you should NEVER discount the importance of being serious about online giving and you ABSOLUTELY should steward those online donors just as you would any other donors.

Listed below are some of my favorites and a link to their sites. Best of luck with Giving Tuesday 2018, and consider diving into your organization's online giving strategy and developing some plans, policies, and procedures for growth in the coming years!

QGiv: My personal favorite, QGiv is a reliable workhorse CRM with valuable text-to-give options and an incredible customer support team.

Bloomerang: Second favorite! A user-friendly CRM that meets the needs of smaller organizations for a very budget-friendly price.

Little Green Light: Perfect for start-ups and small organizations, LGL covers your bases while being easy on the wallet.

eTapestry: A Blackbaud product, this offers the weight of industry experience from the creators of Raiser's Edge without the bulk and expense of their more hefty CRM. Helps if someone on your team has Blackbaud experience when using, but good integration and front-end userinteraction.

And if you're still looking for assistance in auditing your needs and selecting a CRM, consider taking my course: The Numbers Don't Lie. Check it out here:

Good luck tomorrow, and throughout the next year of meeting your fundraising goals!


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