Season of growth....Discussion: Data

Although South Carolina temperatures don't really feel it, fall is upon us, and for a lot of people and companies, fall is a season of growth. For businesses, fall brings the holiday shopping season. For nonprofits, the charitable giving season. For individuals, kids returning to school and parents feeling a bit of stress relief that can be channeled towards projects of personal growth.

So when you're in this season, particularly if you're running a business or nonprofit, do you take the time to analyze your data before moving forward? Great data analysis is done continually, but good data analysis at least happens quarterly. Do you know what your organizational goals are and how close you are to achieving them? It's the beginning of final quarter 2018! You should be over 75% to your goal! Are you?

Do you even know?

How are you capturing data? What data are you capturing? Do you have tools in place, preferably automated, to capture said data and store it in a CRM? [Please don't say you're just using spreadsheets....]

It can be overwhelming and mind-boggling with all the options out there for data collection and analysis. I get it. IS 2018. There are so many inexpensive, quality tools out there, and this is simply a part of doing business that you CANNOT afford to ignore.

Say your organization has always sent out a print mailing in December (like literally every other organization on the planet). You spend $5000 and countless hours of staff time to write, design, print, stuff, and mail this thing. You gross $7200 from this mailing. HEY. That's a big fat fail, OK? [Sorry, it is.] It might make you feel good, as if you've accomplished this herculean task, and...I mean, technically you did, but it was not worth the investment for that kind of return.

Have you reviewed your final quarter practices, events, marketing, and mailing from 2017 to determine the ROI? Have you really taken a hard look at the numbers to determine if this is a fiscally responsible activity? Do you even know how to begin doing that?

I'm developing a short course that will be offered online and as live workshops that will show you how to analyze your data collection and storage needs, as well as showing you how to review your current and prior practices to see if you're maximizing your impact.

If you are a start-up or small to mid-level organization, you can't afford to ignore the numbers....every individual counts. Are you ignoring a key demographic? Are you throwing dollars at a marketing or fundraising campaign year after year that is simply yielding no results?

CLICK HERE to complete an interest form for Numbers Don't Lie: Data Analysis and CRM Best Practices course that will be going live in a few short weeks! Don't let intimidation or fear of data analysis keep you can do this!

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