Step one: Person to Person...

I'll admit it. I'm a data geek. There's nothing I love more than digging into data, finding trends, and coming up with ways to act on those trends. It's common sense, right?

But when you attend a conference or a seminar or hire a consultant to come present all this data to your C-suite or board, you may spend hours staring at charts and graphs and quickly feel overwhelmed.

First, know you're not alone. Data analysis can be overwhelming and frustrating, particularly if you see a recurring theme of failure in a particular aspect. But when you boil down all those bits of data- all the transactions, the donations, the "closed deals", the checks written, the handshake and the root of every bit of data, good or bad, there is one similarity.

A person. A relationship.

If you are not cultivating your relationships in a heartfelt, genuine way, whether you're a small business, start-up tech company, or nonprofit organization, you will see those bits of data floating lower and lower on your graphs and charts. People, with hearts, souls, and minds that yearn to be inspired, are at the root of all data. Fix your relationships and you'll fix your data. I promise.


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