The Colbert Version of Philanthropy

As I'm sure you've heard (especially if you live in South Carolina), Stephen Colbert decided to fund every single SC classroom project on the popular crowd-funding site DonorsChoose (almost 1,000 projects totaling over $800,000). What kind of whacky philanthropy is that?? Do you think this is more of a political statement on the shameful resources SC offers its educators? Perhaps emphasizing that all of the teachers' desires can be met for under one million dollars (compared to the amount spent on athletics at one public university alone)... Or is it merely a whimsical impulse donation by an unpredictable celebrity comic? How can a fund development professional foresee a gift like that? How does it color, if at all, your image of the wealthy, celebrity philanthropist? If anything, it delights me and reminds me that donors are never...ever...ever predictable. I know these teachers will be thrilled when they hear the news, and I'm personally stoked that almost one thousand classrooms will be blessed in the near future with new books, technology, and experiences thanks to this act of unsolicited, unexpected kindness. Once again, Stephen Colbert has put a smile on my face and has made SC proud! ~m

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