Just give thanks...

August is a bit of a down time for many nonprofits: few events, budgeting and data cleanup, and looking ahead to upcoming events, year-end appeals, etc. My VP of Advancement said she felt as if we were in the "calm before the storm". What do you do during a lull? I could probably do more planning...more scheduling...more prep work. What I do instead is write notes. Like a kid in middle school...I write notes. I think of the donors and volunteers who have gone above and beyond to assist me personally in the daily performance of my duties- those I've seen around campus or actively engaging the community. Those who have quite literally shown up at my office door and said, "What do you need me to do?" So I dig into our stash of cards and I write them thank-you notes. Not the professional, polished letters of acknowledgement or lengthy executive statements- just a note to express my genuine appreciation for how their service has directly made my job a little easier. I'd want to get a thank-you note for my efforts...wouldn't you? The next time you have a lull, write a note. Thank that volunteer or donor who truly believes in your mission. It may just be the thing that brings them back for another year. Warmly, ~m

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