Rebranding....'s a necessary evil, right? Sometimes in the course of business, you change course. Pivot. Grow. Change.

For a few reasons, we are rebranding, including a name change from Carolina Consulting LLC to Momentum Services LLC. Here are just a couple of the reasons we're doing so:

     1) We aren't based in the Carolinas anymore! We've relocated to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Although we do still serve clients throughout the Carolinas, we are looking to make new partnerships in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and up the Eastern coast! We didn't want to limit our potential reach.

     2) We now offer so many more services than consulting. I found that through my work I really enjoyed not only consulting and advising, but doing some hands-on work, especially in marketing and graphic and web design. We are also branching out of the nonprofit sphere and working with small businesses, artists, restaurants, and more!

So we appreciate you hanging in there with us while we switch everything over to the new name, but rest assured, our commitment to quality service and helping you meet your goals is still very much our top priority. We are here to help you Plan, Grow, and Thrive!