Numbers Don't Lie: Data Analysis & CRM Best Practices

data analysis.jpg

Are you reaching your quarterly and annual goals?

  Are you reaching millennials?

    How are you engaging with boomers?

      What's your ROI on your last marketing campaign?

Do you know the answers to these questions right off the top of your head??

Let's go a step further....

Do you know that the storage of your customer or donor data is compliant with IRS regulations and industry best practices? (Hint: spreadsheets don't cut it...!!)

Most of the time, you say data analysis and people's eyes instantly glaze over... it doesn't have to be that way!

Analyzing the numbers can be fun, invigorating, and can revolutionize the way you do business. Realizing that you can save thousands of dollars by ending fruitless practices and target your efforts on actions that yield can anyone be bored by that?!

It doesn't take a degree in data sciences to review your numbers and clean house. One piece of the puzzle is a quality, affordable CRM solution, and nowadays, there are lots to choose from.

Numbers Don't Lie is a course designed to walk you through three things:

  1. Analyzing your actual needs. You may be paying for a $20,000 CRM that is far too large and powerful for the actual needs of your could be paying $500 a year for a system that will actually work for you! I'll introduce you to a handful of those I think are doing excellent work, but you're free to select what works best for you! No sales tactics.

  2. Establishing some basic, super easy daily practices to establish great data habits. From data entry to reporting, what are some consistent behaviors you can train into your organizational culture so that everyone is data-driven?

  3. Taking a look at your numbers and find exactly where you can trim the fat. There may be some emotional decisions here: ending the beloved gala or cutting back on the pretty print mailings. We'll work through balancing the heart appeal with the solid facts of ROI.

I'll be offering Numbers Don't Lie in a couple of formats: an online course that you can work through, and live workshops suitable for 20-50 attendees. If you are interested in getting alerted the second these drop, fill out the form below. Start looking for announcements in late November 2018!

Keep your eyes on your won't want to miss this announcement!